For vomiting and/or diarrhea that may be related to dietary indiscretion or interruption of gut flora, we recommend offering a bland diet for several days, this may include:

  • Boiled/steamed white rice
  • Cooked/boiled boneless chicken breasts (no seasoning)
  • Cooked/boiled ground turkey or lean beef (no seasoning/oil)
  • Scrambled eggs (no additives)
  • Plain non-fat yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese
  • Canned pumpkin (not pie filling)
  • Plain cooked potatoes (no seasoning/butter)
  • Plain cooked pasta (no seasoning/butter)
  • Baby food (chicken, turkey or sweet potato variety)
  • Non-saltine or low sodium crackers or Cheerios (as treats, keep to a minimum)

** 1 part protein (meat, egg, etc.) to 2 parts starch (rice, etc.)

We recommend choosing one protein source at a time and feeding a small amount of the combination more frequently (portions every few hours). By doing so, we are “resetting” their gastrointestinal system, encouraging normal digestion and avoiding nausea from an empty stomach.

Begin to slowly introduce their typical kibble or canned diet when they are no longer vomiting and stool has improved.

Make sure your pet in drinking adequate amounts of water.

* If signs persist despite offering a bland diet, please call and Dr. Burke may want to prescribe medications and/or schedule an exam.

* If your pet has profuse vomiting/diarrhea, cannot keep water down, has continuous, unproductive retching or is in obvious discomfort, please call to schedule an appointment immediately or visit an emergency facility.